What is a Virtual Assistant?

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Since starting ARC Virtual PA Services this is a question I get asked regularly. A Virtual Assistant, or VA, is the term used for skilled professionals, usually with an administrative background, who provide business support services from a remote location.


Thanks to advances in technology, virtual assistants are able to work almost anywhere with ease. They are are becoming increasingly popular with entrepreneurs and small online businesses that could benefit from an extra pair of hands, but don’t want to employ another member of staff. However, the skills of a virtual assistant can be utilised by anyone who needs help with the running of their business.


So what does a Virtual Assistant actually do?


In theory, a virtual assistant can do pretty much anything other support staff can do, with the exception of making the coffee! However, the duties aren’t limited to admin work.  Many virtual assistants offer a wide range of skills and services aside from standard admin work.


My skill set includes executive assistance, project management and proofreading. While some virtual assistants specialise in a specific set of skills, others carry out a range of duties within a specific industry or niche.  We’re more than just someone to pass your admin to; we can offer professional business support in many key areas.


Since virtual assistants are self employed they are cost effective way of delegating some of your work. They work remotely from their own office (hence the virtual); they are also there to help your business using their specific range of skills (which is where the assistant come in). You don’t have to pay tax or National Insurance and they don’t need any equipment or space in your office (although some may offer in-house services). You can work with them on an hourly basis or on a monthly retainer depending on your requirements.


One of the most important things to remember about virtual assistants is that they are also small business owners. They understand everything that goes into running your own business. It goes without saying that it is in their best interest to make sure your business thrives. Without you, their business wouldn’t exist. It is imperative therefore that they provide a top-class service to each and every one of their clients.


If you have any further questions about working with a virtual assistant; or if you would like to see where a virtual assistant could support your business, then please get in touch. I can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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