3 Ways To Enjoy A Hassle-Free Trip

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Before setting out on your next great adventure, why not hire a virtual assistant to make travel and accommodation reservations for you?

This way, you’ll have more time to plan the finer points of your trip such as researching all the magnificent sites you’ll want to see, the delicious foods you’ll want to taste and the people you’ll want to meet.

Your VA can compile travel arrangements in one convenient place. You can check anytime, using a laptop or mobile device, from almost anywhere in the world.

Rely on a Master Travel Itinerary

If you’re planning to visit multiple places, having a master travel itinerary is an important factor in maintaining your sanity.

When travelling, simply pull up your itinerary to determine how much time you have between transfers, get the name of your hotel, or review specific details relating to your trip.

This can be done in several ways depending on your preference. Apps like TripIt can be used to compile a master travel itinerary; alternatively your VA can compile all the information on your behalf.

With access to your calendar and emails your VA will be able to sync your itinerary for easy viewing. They will also be able to check for any changes to your plans.

Open ringbound planner with the word vacation across it and the shadow of a plane.
Once you determine where you want to stay, the places you want to visit, or business meeting locations, your virtual assistant can check for availability and book your reservations without delay.

Quickly Update Travel Plans

Travel plans changed? No problem!

Your VA can update your itinerary at any time during your trip. You’ll receive an updated itinerary after the changes have been made. This gives you more freedom when travelling and allows you and your VA to communicate more effectively. Need to catch an earlier flight? Want to stay at a different hotel? Need a rental car? Simply send your VA the request and let them do the rest!

VA working on a laptop to make changes to flight arrangements
Need to catch an earlier flight? Want to stay at a different hotel? Need a rental car? Simply send your VA the request and let them do the rest!

Keep Travel Documents Safe

LastPass is an app that provides a secure platform on which to store electronic travel documents including your passport, driver’s license and more. The app allows you (or your VA) to create an emergency contacts list with email addresses, physical addresses and phone numbers. Your VA can update these lists at any time so you always have a way to reach those who are most important to you while you’re travelling.

By hiring an experienced virtual assistant, you’ll be able to focus more on enjoying your next business trip or holiday.

Hiring a VA to make your travel arrangements and compile a master travel itinerary can make your trip so much easier. This is just one more reason why an attentive VA can be your biggest ally when travelling to multiple locations.

So when hiring a VA, consider their level of experience, availability and knowledge. Whether you’re planning several small trips or a big adventure around the world, an experienced virtual assistant can make your travel plans less stressful and far more rewarding too.

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